There's many names I go by: John Dye, Boss, Bro, etc.
But THE most important name I'm called is Babe.

I've been married to Priscilla now for a few years and I can't imagine life without her.

She's strong but sassy, the brains behind the brand, the most fun to live life with, and she does so much behind the scenes so I'm pretty thankful for her to say the least!

We are also dog parents to my favorite furry hooligans: Rigley & Sydney.

Traveling is our favorite past time, and you can find us being foodies on the weekend, at our local church serving, OR sailing across the ocean blue.


most played song on Spotify in 2022?

did you ever think this is what you'd be
doing when you grow up?

what's your drink of choice?

how would your spouse describe you?

what's one famous person (dead or alive) you'd do anything to meet?

what's a random dream you have?

most likely to binge watch?

if you could only eat one food forever,
what would it be?

what's your favorite thing to do on
your day off?

some israel houghton song

i thought i'd be inconstruction because that's literally what I wanted to be as a kid...a contractor like my dad, uncles, and grandpa

topo chico on the rocks

crazy, she literally thinks I'm insane haha

jesse itzler

i own my own plane so one day i want to be able to fly it


steak lol

play call of duty